Choker: Timing Your Victory

The importance of managing your time in a Choker match cannot be overstated. Many, many games are not won through better betting skills or even better chess skills – but through better time management! For instance, imagine you are in the chess phase of Choker and you are playing a very good chess opponent. Imagine that they have a Queen, a Bishop, a Rook and 2 Pawns and you only have a King and a Pawn on the board. Clearly, you’re on the brink of defeat but your opponent runs out of time.

Screenshot of the timer

Guess what? You win.

Just as in chess, Choker games are won by checkmating your opponent or by winning on time. As long as you have sufficient material to checkmate your opponent when your opponent runs out of time, you win. The material deficit is irrelevant.

This technique for winning on time is called “flagging” in chess, because the old chess clocks had a flag that dropped when a player ran out of time. Now in the digital age, we don’t need old fashioned flags and can build more accurate and clearer timing devices.

Our development team put a lot of energy into creating the super clear Choker clocks that tell you how much time you and your opponent have left at any moment in the game.

Both players start with 180 seconds on the clock and remember that your time starts as soon as you can place your pieces. Also remember, that as your opponent has 180 seconds, your match could last up to 6 minutes. 

From 180 seconds to 90 seconds your time bar is GREEN indicating that you more than half of your time left.

Timer Stages

From 90 seconds to 30 seconds the timer bar turns AMBER, indicating that you need to keep an eye on your time – and also on your opponent’s time: are they ahead or behind? You need to adjust your turn speed as timing becomes more important. As the game is still ongoing, the chances that time will decide the outcome are increasing.

From 30 to 10 seconds the timer turns RED. You are at the business end of your match. Sometimes, when time is ticking away, any move is better than the right move, throwing the pressure of play back to your opponent. This is not the moment for overthinking or strategising. Time is of the essence!

From 10 to 0 seconds the timer remains RED but the seconds are now shown in TENTHS of a second. You’ll be surprised at how many moves you can make in ten seconds – especially if you use the premove feature! (Premoves are when you make a conditional move, while your opponent is playing! If the move is legal, the move will be executed immediately with the loss of just 0.25 seconds. Technically you can cram 4 premoves into a second!

Out of time example

Time management is the often-overlooked aspect of good gameplay. The easiest and most effective way to improve your Choker (and Speed Chess) is to become a better manager of your time!


Good luck, The Choker Team.


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