We want you to share your game clips! #ChokerReplay

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Share your Choker clips!


Queenside games are launching the #ChokerReplay campaign.


We’re encouraging our players to share their matches, victories and losses online using the hashtag, #ChokerReplay


This campaign spans across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Twitch and YouTube to find the best user-generated content.


Players who record their clips of gameplay and post online will get the chance to be featured on the Choker YouTube channel, have their matches analysed by a Chess master and shared across social media. Plus there are cool prizes to win, including in-game chips, Choker E-books and decks of Choker cards! We want to see how you play!


Our social media followers include some of the biggest names in Chess, meaning you will be getting your content shared with a high profile audience.


Want to take part?


Create a recording of your game or a clip of a moment during a match you enjoyed, and post it online using the hashtag #ChokerReplay. It’s that simple!


Terms and Conditions on the Choker Replay campaign can be found here.


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