Hikaru V Tania, Quiz, Plus Portuguese Translation Now Available!

It’s been a busy week for Choker!


Hikaru V Tania:

Yesterday saw Hikaru Nakamura streaming live on Twitch with Tania Sachdev. Did you catch the action?


Hikaru and Tania picture


Portuguese Translation Now Available In The App!


Portuguese is now supported in the language options of the app. To select this, in the app go to the settings tab at the top right-hand side of the screen and click “Change Language”.


Browser Testing!


We will shortly be reaching out to those who have already expressed interest, but if you want to be a tester for browser there’s still time.

You can either send us an email: support@queensidegames.com or use this link.


Choker Quiz


We’ve added a fun, 5 question quiz to our YouTube channel. If you think you’re a pro and know your stuff, give it a try!



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Choker at Apple App Store


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