Discover New Modes

Battle AI Robots or Feel the Adrenaline in Hijack

New Modes Include Hijack and AI Battle

Choker has the great classic mode which you will already be familiar with, but now there’s more! Hijack and AI Battle are the two new thrilling modes packed with exciting features such as hand swaps and collectables. Let’s take a deeper look…


A fast, high stakes format. Players immediately go all in, Privileges allow you to improve your chances with The Peek (See your opponent’s cards), The Swap (Swap hands with your opponent) and The Drop (Discard cards) phases.

1. A fast, high stakes format
2. Players immediately go all in
3. Privileges allow you to improve your chances
4. Additional rounds include the drop phase, where you can change up to 2 cards
Plus the peek phase offers the chance to see your opponent’s cards

AI Battle

Defeat an uprising army of evil robots who have disguised themselves as humans. Each time you defeat one, their disguise will slowly fade away. Defeat them enough times and win that robot’s avatar. Defeat all robots and win the exclusive Choker Robot Pieces.

1. Pit your wits against an army of ruthless robots
2. Beat each robot 4 times to unlock the city and win its avatar
3. Defeat all 7 robots to claim the precious robot chess set

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