Choker is now Chessino

Chessino is officially announced as the new name of Choker, the game which merges the brilliance of chess with the cunning of poker.


Over the last month, we’ve asked you to help us choose our new name. After multiple rounds (and eliminators) we are pleased to officially announce our new name… Chessino.

Capturing the heart of the game, with both chess and poker still playing a crucial role in this new name, the new casino element brings in a cool and sophisticated twist.

We’ve also given our logo a new look! It features a clean, modern typeface and incorporates Chessino cards to showcase what the game is all about.

All of your favourite modes will still be available to play including Classic, Hijack and AI Battle.

We hope you love the new name as much as we do!

Where To Find Us?

Chessino is available to play right now on iOS and Android.

We’ve also updated our website and social media links too! Here’s where to find us:, a popular online platform that combines the strategic elements of chess and poker, has partnered with NoDepositz, a website known for providing exciting gaming bonuses. This collaboration aims to offer gamers an array of special bonuses, significantly enhancing their gaming experience. Now, chess and poker enthusiasts will be able to access unique rewards, promotional codes, and more, providing an extra layer of excitement to the cerebral challenge of