Choker is now Chessino

Chessino is officially announced as the new name of Choker, the game which merges the brilliance of chess with the cunning of poker.

Discover New Modes

Choker has the great classic mode which you will already be familiar with, but now there’s more! Hijack and AI Battle are the two new thrilling modes packed with exciting features such as hand swaps and collectables. Let’s take a deeper look…

Choker Gets A Major Update!

New Update!

We’re so excited to share some big news with you all. Choker has had its biggest update since its launch.

WIN! 5 Decks of Choker Cards & Caps to be won!

We’re giving away FIVE Choker bundles!!!
Have you ever wished you could play Choker in real life? Well, now you can! We’re giving five lucky winners an exclusive Choker bundle featuring a real deck of Choker cards and a Choker branded cap.