$10,000 prize money for chess clubs and individuals

Chessino™ combines two of the world’s greatest games for an ultimate mind game experience. It’s fun, fast and tense with guaranteed money to be won!

Queenside Games is running a Chessino tournament for clubs and ordinary chess players. All participating teams will win between $100 and $2000 cash depending on their performance. Individuals can personally win up to $200 in cash.

If are interested in enrolling to play in the event please enter your name and email so we can send you details.

Event Dates
Match Weekends 2023:

28 Jan League Matches
4 Feb League Matches
11 Feb Quarter-finals
18 Feb Semi-finals
25 Feb The Finals

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  • This a free to play, free to enter tournament, paid for by sponsors. No team or individual can lose money. Chessino blends luck and skill but skill is the most important factor.
  • All players should be 16 or older to play.